Rethinking our own Ethical Consumerism in 2021: Pledges from our research team

Even the most ethically conscious among us can do a little bit better in 2021. As we prepare for a new year, we thought it would be fitting to share with you our own commitments to reducing single-use plastics in our households.

Alison Dean

In 2021 I pledge to reduce my purchase of plants in non-recyclable pots and to look for pet food in recyclable containers or containers made from recycled materials.  

This is my focus because together these account for quite a bit of my landfill rubbish. 

Pamela Yeow

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

In 2021, I pledge to be more mindful about single-use plastics in everyday purchases. 

This is my focus because seeing the amount of single-use plastics in our everyday lives (now that we are mostly working in our living areas!) has brought home the urgency of this aspect of ethical consumerism. Our research has shown that one way to drive behaviour change is seeing that others are also recycling or reducing. By demonstrating this positive signage, I hope to be able to help influence other people in my community to reduce single-use plastic consumption.

Danielle Tucker

In 2021, I pledge to reduce the plastic waste in my bathroom. I’m always surprised how much packaging I find in this space!

This is my focus because I am diligent at recycling empty shampoo and liquid soap containers, however, there are some great alternatives out there that use less plastic in the first place such as bar shampoos and bulk liquid soap for refillable dispensers. By pledging to reduce plastic entering my home I can support intervention earlier in the plastics circular economy.

Aleksandra Besevic

In 2021, I pledge to make small changes in my shopping routine such as choosing fruits and vegetables with less plastic packaging. 

This is my focus because avoiding or reducing all plastic can be overwhelming if you try to eliminate it all at once. By pledging to make a small change when shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables I can create a habit that will become established. We often shop without registering or reflecting on our actions so therefore I will take time each month to review my progress. 

Zara Babakordi

In 2021, I pledge to make sure I always have my coffee cup and water bottle with me when I’m out of the house (which isn’t very often at the moment).

This is my focus because I want to solidify my reuse practices, reducing the amount of single use items (plastics or otherwise) I use.

How will you reduce single-use plastic in your home this year?

To find out more about our research team and our projects, see our profiles and current projects. Watch this space for further announcements about future research.

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