Join us at the Festival of Social Science!

As part of the 2021 Festival of Social Science, the Rethinking Ethical Consumerism team is happy to announce that we will be hosting an interactive and in-person workshop that seeks to explore the question “where does all the plastic go?”

Our event will be held at Firstsite in Colchester on Tuesday 2 November from 5.30pm to 7.00pm and we will explore issues such as:

What is a single use plastic?

What types of single use plastics do we bring into our homes and where do they come from?

Where do they end up and how do they get there?

We will explore the ways in which households prevent, reduce, recycle, and re-use plastics and the obstacles we all face as we change our habits within our homes. We will share our successes and frustrations of trying to keep on top of recycling and go home with new ideas for dealing with the plastic in our lives.

Attendees can expect a warm and welcoming space to reflect on how they manage plastics in their homes, learn from one another, and consider what the solutions and challenges might be when trying to make plastic-related changes in their lives.

Whether you are a seasoned ‘recyclist’, have found ways to eradicate single use plastic in your home or are just starting on the recycling journey, this event is for you.

The event is free and there will be complementary drinks.

For more information:

To sign up:

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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