Join us at the Festival of Social Science!

As part of the 2021 Festival of Social Science, the Rethinking Ethical Consumerism team is happy to announce that we will be hosting an interactive and in-person workshop that seeks to explore the question “where does all the plastic go?” Our event will be held at Firstsite in Colchester on Tuesday 2 November from 5.30pm […]

Make soap, not waste: A Q&A with Martina Schwarz

In the first of our Q&A series exploring the four Rs of plastics (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), we chat with Martina Schwarz, founder of Blackmarket. With a mission to reduce our reliance on plastic packaging, Martina discusses her recent innovations and her future aspirations, all focused on addressing key challenges in plastic consumption. Hi Martina! […]


Here at Rethinking Ethical Consumerism we are pleased to announce that we are about to start a new research project: The Ethical Household: Rethinking the Meaning of Waste in Multiple Occupancy Households. In our previous research we have discussed how the heterogeneity of household definitions and dynamics makes it difficult for interventions and government policy […]

How do households make decisions about ethical consumerism

Aleksandra Besevic, 13th February 2021 Relationships in the household are important as they can shape values which influence behaviour on a day to day basis. Decision making in a household is a highly differentiated and complex system. In each household there are both micro-moments and interactions with others that affect wider decision making dynamics. Navigating […]

It is not as easy as just taking the bin out!

Aleksandra Besevic, 29th January 2021 The household is full of products ranging from food, clothing and general appliances. Each product in a household at some point is disposed of. Waste is generated by activities and practices of households. It is important to consider the wider disposal practices of households because these disposal practices can impact […]

How we collected household diaries to understand the single use plastic journey

Aleksandra Besevic and Danielle Tucker, 26th January 2021 In our recent study on understanding different householder roles in effecting sustainable change we utilised diary study methods and photo elicitation to capture ethical decision making at the household level during COVID 19. In designing this study, we paid special attention to creating a usable diary design. […]

Why we used diary study methods to capture ethical consumerism at the household level during COVID 19

Aleksandra Besevic, 15th January 2021 Last year, we pivoted our research methodology to understand the household decision making journey of single-use plastics to incorporate photo elicitation and diaries to capture people’s experiences in real time directly from their home environment. Here’s why we chose this method. The phot elicitation allowed an open format allows participants […]

Why did the 5p bag tax work?

Danielle Tucker, 7th January 2021 “I’m constantly surprised that the 5p charges made such a difference because it is such a nominal amount of money and yet it seems to have had a huge effect” Phil Ward, Eastern ARC Podcast In July 2020 Defra, published research showing that the distribution of single use plastic bags […]


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